A refreshing smile for Shafiq: Dr Mawarni

Shafiq works in Bank Negara. He came for the first time complaining of severe pain at his upper wisdom tooth. He hardly smiled during his first visit. Dr Kayethri managed to relieve the pain by removing his badly broken tooth and reminded him to come again for scaling and follow up treatment after a week.

Shafiq before

At his 2nd visit, I did a thorough check up and found out that he needed scaling and a few fillings. I also noticed that he had defective composite fillings at his front teeth which could be improved and may turn into a life changing smile.

I explained to Shafiq the treatments that he needed.

“Do whatever you think is necessary Doctor. I’m all good with your plan,” he said.

I separated the treatments into two visits as to make him feel more comfortable. Opening mouth for too long can be tiring. So I did his scaling and a few fillings on that day.

“Are you married Shafiq?” I asked him.

“Not yet Doctor. I am still looking,” he replied.

“Well, I can make a life changing smile for you to make your effort in finding the one easier,” I said. 😉

Shafiq after

“You will be more handsome, and it’s a promise,” I reassured him.

Shafiq came again the next day, ready for a new smile. He looked more tired than the day before.

“Are you okay,” I asked.

“I had a tiring day Doctor. Can I sleep during the treatment?”

“No problem, dear. As long as you can keep your mouth open, I am okay,” I responded.

Shafiq came in the afternoon. It is totally understandable to feel more tired during Ramadhan and Football World Cup season! I had a patient who even snored during treatment as we have a very cozy Sirona dental chair!

I started to do his front teeth immediately. Shafiq did dozed off for a while. 😀

“Are you ready to see your new smile?” I asked and handed him a mirror.

“Nice Doctor!!” he smiled ear to ear after seeing his new look. His mood suddenly changed to be more energetic!

“Well, I believe girls will line up to date you after this Shafiq,” I teased him. 😉

“Thanks Doctor! Your effort will always be remembered!” he said.

Shafiq went off looking more refreshed and happier. His expression was so different from the first day he stepped into our clinic.

Making another person happy is one of the noblest acts you can do. I’m glad it is part of my day-to-day job!

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