Fida gets her brand new Eid smile: Dr Mawarni

Fida lives in Paris. She is back in Malaysia for Eid celebration with her family. She was referred to our clinic by her best friend, Anna.

She planned to do a smile makeover before she leaves for Ipoh, her hometown. So, she called and made appointment with us.

She came with her cute 5 years old daughter named Jelita and her friend. This trendy young lady was always smiling and friendly.

Fida before

Fida was not happy with the gaps on her lower teeth. She felt uncomfortable when people saw the gaps whenever she talks or laughs.

She had ran a survey for the treatment options and cost to close the gaps in Paris. She claimed that the cost for dental treatment there was very high. Hence, she decided to do in Malaysia instead.

As I examined her teeth, she had several gaps on her lower teeth. I told her that the gaps could easily be closed with composite veneers.

However, she had lost her lower left first premolar tooth. That gap was too big to be closed with a composite veneer. So I offered her to do dental implant or bridge to close that particular gap.

“Let’s just close the gaps with composite veneers first shall we? I need to discuss again with my husband regarding the implant and bridge options,” she said.

“As you wish dear,” I said.

As usual I took her smile picture before the makeover and immediately start.

During the makeover, I had the opportunity to know more about this gorgeous lady. Fida used to work as a MAS stewardess. She had bumped into her French husband inside the flight and they are now happily married with one daughter.

That explains why she settled down in Paris. No wonder she was always smiling and friendly. MAS cabin crew had been trained to do so. 😀

Her daughter, Jelita enjoyed her waiting time by doing coloring and dancing in the clinic. Sometimes, she would glance at her mum during treatment and mumbled some French words. She was such a lovely girl.

I passed the mirror to Fida for her first look at her new smile.

Fida After

“Wow! No more gaps! It looks natural too! Thanks so much Doctor. I have been longing for this moment. I’ve got a brand new Hari Raya smile!” she said.

We printed the Makeover Album for Fida to take home. She was even more delighted with the gift.

I reminded her not feel conscious with her new smile anymore.

“Go ahead, smile and laugh all you want,” I said. 😉

Selamat Hari Raya Fida and family! Safe journey back to hometown and Paris!

To all Muslims out there, have a blessed Aidilfitri celebration!

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