The New Nora : Dr. Dini

It was nearly 4pm when Nora walked into our clinic with a request to do extraction on her aching tooth.

Like most of our patients, Nora found us  through our blog.

After I removed her aching tooth, I explained few other treatments she needed to do before she left. One of those treatments was bridging on her upper front teeth to improve her smile.

Before- decayed 'tucked-in' lateral incisor

As you can see, Nora had a decayed ‘tucked-in’ lateral incisor. She knew she needed to remove the tooth, but all the dentists she went previously, had advised her on wearing dentures. When she heard about it, she refused for extraction as she didn’t want to wear dentures.

She immediately set another appointment when I explained to her that instead of wearing dentures,  we can do a 3 unit bridge for her.

On the appointment day, she kept asking me if it’s going to be painful or vice versa. I reassured her there would not be any pain at all.


One and half hour later, I handed her the mirror. She was all smiling. At that time I knew she was happy and satisfied with her new look.

A straighter teeth in one and half hour later
A straighter teeth in one and half hour later

A week later she was at our clinic, smiling cheerfully when I scheduled her for some touched-ups on her temporary bridge. I asked her what was her family reaction and she happily told me that the children was happy and kept teasing her on how pretty she looked.

I asked if her husband had say anything. She then replied that her husband was not around at the moment for he was in Mecca but will be back in 2 days time.

“Well, I guessed this would be quite a nice surprise for your husband right?” I asked

She nodded and shyly smiled.

What a lovely surprise for a husband don’t you think ?

I bid her farewell and wish her Selamat Hari Raya.

Since we are still in the month of Syawal, I would like to wish  Selamat Hari Raya to all our Muslim patients.

To Nora, enjoy your new smile and see you in 2 months time.

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