A beautiful smile for a beautiful friend: Dr Mawarni

Liana is my friend. We were classmates from secondary 1 to 4. She is currently working in Bank Negara after 5 years of studying in London School of Economics. I remember she always emerged as top student back in school. We get to meet once in a while in weddings and batch gatherings. She knows I am working as a dentist in Klinik Pergigian Fauziah.

She texted me a week after Hari Raya for dental appointment as she felt some discomfort at her back tooth and could not enjoy her Hari Raya food. I was more than happy to help her!

Liana came alone to our clinic. Upon examination, I noticed she had slightly crowded upper front teeth and discolored fillings. Since she was complaining about the back tooth. I attended that problem first. She needed some simple fillings and scaling.

“You know what Liana, you deserve a better smile,” I told her.

I snapped her ‘before’ smile and showed her the image as I explained.

“You have crowded upper teeth and some discolored fillings. I am pretty sure you have difficulty in cleaning them as you have more fillings there if compared to the other area. The good news is, I can make it look much better and straighter so that you can clean it easier!” I said.

Liana BeforeThen I showed her the ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures of my previous patients who had the same problem as hers.

“How did you change their smiles? I have been thinking to correct it but I thought it’s only possible with braces,” she said.

“In your case, it can be easily corrected by composite veneers,” I answered.

I explained a little bit more detail about the procedure to her and Liana agreed to make another appointment for the makeover.

“Say goodbye to your old smile!” I said before I started the procedure.

“I’m a bit anxious,” she responded.

“Don’t worry, you will love your new smile. Trust me,” I reassured her.

After the final touch up, I passed the mirror to Liana for her first look at her brand new smile.

“Waa, it looks straighter now. I love it! However, I feel uncomfortable when I bite. Is that normal?” she asked, curious.

Liana After

“That’s a normal feeling as you are not used to it. I have checked your bite and its fine. I did some modification to your teeth, lengthen some of them to even the smile. Of course you will feel different. You have 30 days warranty period where you can come again to make further adjustment if you still feel uncomfortable.” I said.

Liana thanked me and couldn’t stop smiling. She invited me to her house for Hari Raya visit.
She made appointment for her husband the next day!

I’m glad I could create a beautiful smile for her. Her dental visit had allowed us to keep in touch and strengthened our friendship!

I went to her house that weekend for some more catching up sessions! 😉

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