A Makeover For Mother And Son : Dr. Dini

Jes and her son, Farhan first came to our clinic to treat Farhan’s aching teeth. He had been complaining of aching teeth for quite sometime.

Farhan is a 5 year old shy boy but had been very cooperative through out the procedure. Upon examination, I found he had multiple decayed teeth that gave him the pain. I managed to relieve his pain by doing a few fillings. I also advised him to cut down on his sugar intake and brush regularly. Being a shy boy, he simply smiled and nodded.

Before - brownish staining

After I finished putting the last filling, Jes asked me if I could do something about Farhan’s front teeth. Farhan had a problem of a brownish stain and he had been teased by his friends about it. The previous dentist they went to had said that they couldn’t do anything and advised them to wait for the tooth to drop off by itself.

Jes told me that she was upset when she heard that. Being a mother, I understand her feelings. We want the best for our children and want them to look and feel good all the time.

“I can improve his smile, Jes” I said.

“You can?”she asked unbelievably.

“I only need 30 minutes at the most to achieve Farhan’s dream smile” I told her again.

We both asked Farhan if it is okay for him to open his mouth for another 30 minutes. He gave the thumbs up sign.

Kids are different from adults. They become restless much quicker. They have certain limited time period that they allow us to treat them. If it takes longer than their time limit, most of the time, they will no longer be cooperative.

But Farhan was different from the rest of  the children I’ve treated. He was very easy to work with. As promised 30 minutes later, I handed him the mirror. Jes was more excited than Farhan.  She was beside Farhan all the time and couldn’t contain her excitement.

Farhan grinned from ear to ear when he saw his own reflection in the mirror.

30 minutes later. No more brown stain.

“What do you think Farhan ?” Jes asked. “Do you like it?” she asked further

“I love it mum !” he said.

Four simple words that made my day.

Farhan and I after treatment
Jes"s teeth before the makeover

Upon seeing Farhan’s makeover, Jes asked me if I can do the same thing for her. “No braces doctor” she added.

“This is easy Jes” I replied happily. “I can create your dream smile in less than an hour.”

Unfortunately, Jes was in hurry to pick up her other son from school. So, we rescheduled her appointment to be in a week’s time.

One week later, when I saw Jes, she immediately thanked me. “Thank you doctor. Farhan is so happy with his teeth . He smiles more often now”. I was beyond happy to hear that.

“Now, it’s your turn Jes” I said.

“Will this make me more confident ?” she asked.

“Obviously you will be!”

A straighter teeth in one hour time

I did 4 veneers for Jes in one hour as promised.

“Wow ! Are those my teeth?” she asked. “They look so straight.” she added.

I laughed..”Yes, Jes. Those are your teeth. I just made it nicer for you. Now you can smile as wider and as often as Farhan”

“That’s the thing doctor. I rarely smile” she paused.” I guess this will be a good reason for me to start smiling more.” she added.

“You should smile more often. You have a very beautiful smile. Flaunt it” I encouraged her.

Jes went off looking more refreshed and happier. From her expression, I could tell that she was a different person from the day that she first came to the clinic.

Making another person happy is one of the noblest acts you can do. I’m grateful that it’s my day to day job.

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