Now you see it: Dr Nik

Everyone has their own perception of what is perfect beautiful teeth and perfect smile. Some might say that perfectly straight aligned teeth is the most beautiful and some might say that a little bit of irregularity in alignment make the smile looks beautiful and sweet. Well..nothing to argue there, as beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Having said so, I believe that you would agree with me that having an abnormal shape and size tooth won’t make a perfect beautiful smile.

And this is what I found in Mr Anuar.

He has an abnormal looking small left upper canine that is also brownish in colour compared to the rest of his teeth.It is so small that you can barely see it unless he smiles wider. This tooth is actually his retained milk tooth. His permanent canine that was supposed to replace the milk tooth did not develop and hence the tooth stays in place.

Before-small, hardly can be seen tooth

I suggested doing a veneer on the tooth and sculptured it to make it look like a permanent canine. I promised him that it will look nicer and he won’t regret doing it. Mr Anuar instantly said yes and allow me to do the veneer.

It didn’t take me long to do the veneer as that was the only tooth that I need to work on.

“See…didn’t I tell you that your smile will look nicer. Now people can see the tooth there ” I said as I passed him the mirror.

After- now you see it!

“Yes doctor…now it doesn’t look odd and it look better..thank you for suggesting the veneer to me”

“You’re most welcome En Anuar and I’m happy that you like it”

Mr Anuar left the clinic with a smile on his face and I had one on mine too…won’t you had one too if you are able to help a person be better?

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