Tee’s brand new smile: Dr Nik

Tee is a student at a private college near our clinic. He was introduced to our clinic from one of his friends who had her treatment done few months ago. He came to see  me complaining of a cavity in one of his teeh and requested me to fill up the cavity.

Little did Tee know that we can actually do more that just normal fillings.

Once I’ve done with the filling that Tee requested, I asked his permission to show him what I can do to enhance his smile. As you can see from before treatment photo, Tee has overlapping tilted 2 central incisors and the 2 side lateral ones are slightly retroclined (tilted backward).

Before- tilted and overlapping teeth

Tee gave me green light to proceed and I did mock up for his teeth.  Once done, I passed him a mirror and explained what I’ve did while he looked through the mirror.

There are several ways to get better smile and so I wrote all the options that were possible for him on the examination and diagnosis sheet for him to bring back home and discuss with his parents.

Two months later, he called our clinic and set up an appointment to do cosmetic fillings. He finally decided to do 3 veneers and 1 post crown on his left upper root-treated lateral incisor.

After- nicer teeth!

I started off by doing the 3 veneers followed by the the post crown. I cemented his temporary crown for him to use for about a week whilst we waited for the actual permanent crown to be ready. A next appointment date was given to Tee to fit in the permanent crown. Tee left the clinic with his new enhanced smile and at this time he already looked very different than what he was before.

A week later, Tee was here for his crown fitting session. I fitted in his permanent crown and passed him a mirror for him to have a look. Tee was very happy with the crown and I permanently cemented the crown for him.

Finally I’ve completed Tee’s makeover and I was so happy to see the result of Tee’s transformation. Tee was very happy with his new smile and that is what we want in all our makeover session.

Keep on smiling Tee and see you again in your next regular check up appointment!

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