A friend indeed: Dr. Kayethri

Afiq with a broken tooth and gaps

Everyday we get opporturnities to make a new friendship. A bond which might last a life long if we put in our effort in it; to maintain it, to cherish it. The only bond, which forms instantly most of the time with no obligatioins. Yet we human appreciate freindship more than any relationships most of the time. Amazing isn’t it!

Believe it or not, friends sometimes make a huge difference in our life. This is what happened to Afiq.

Afiq was a friend of my patient Sya, who had a smile makeover in Klinik Pergigian Fauziah Menara Raja Laut by me. Sya was so pleased with her life changing ‘new smile’ that she couldn’t stop talking about it to her friends, including Afiq.

Sya called me one day at the clinic and told me about Afiq; how he badly wanted a smile makeover. I told Sya I was more than happy to see her friend and gave him an appointment.

Afiq came to the clinic smiling (he was trying his best to hide his teeth though)  and chirpy. Thats’t when I noticed he had a broken front tooth and gaps between his upper front teeth. “Why did’t you come earlier Afiq? Sya told me you always wanted to do your makeover. I wonder what stoppedyou? ” I was curious. ” Dr.Kay, I have the same excuse as most people have. I was just too occupied with work that I neglected my dental health. Now I just can’t give anymore excuses because I broke my front tooth while eating.” Afiq replied, laughing.

Afiq after his smile makeover

Often enough we give ourselves many excuses to neglect our health. Maybe it is because we think that health is for eternity and since we feel good everyday we should be healthy , right? Time and tide never waits for any man. For me I would say, so does health. We care more towards our materials than we care for ourself. We make sure that our car is serviced at the right time and our softwares updated to the latest version in our phones and laptops but we just don’t give much attention to our physical and dental health. Something to ponder on huh?

Back to Afiq’s teeth, his condition was quite easily fixed. He needed some composite veneers for his front teeth and within an hour he was able to smile wide again. ” This is life changing Doctor. I was never been able to smile wide because I was too conscious about the gaps between my teeth. Now I can smile as wide as possible” Afiq was grinning wide. ” I really should thank Sya and you Dr. Kay”.

Truth is , the person who did the big differnece at that moment in Afiq’s life was Sya. She shared the joy of having a beautiful smile with Afiq thus the joy just doubled. It goes with the saying; A friend in need is a friend indeed. Wouldn’t you want a friendship just like this ? I would. 🙂

Thank you Sya and Afiq, and enjoy your smiles, both of you. 🙂

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