Unexpected makeover for Nawawi : Dr Nabilla

Nawawi came to our clinic for his yearly check-up and requested for a quick polish of his teeth. After a quick chat about his day, I started off his appointment with a routine scaling and polishing.

While he was looking at his cleaned teeth, he kept on playing on his gaped front teeth. I told him that we could actually fix that for him and it will change his smile significantly.


He said “Really doc? You can fix this gap? Don’t I need braces?”

“Well, wearing braces is not the only choice available. And yes, we can definitely fix that gap in no time”, I replied.

After looking at his watch, he decided that he could spare some time for his life changing experience.

Fifteen minutes later, “Alright Nawawi, are you ready to see your new smile?”



He was excited and pleased to see that his previous gap was not there anymore and this made him smile wider.

I am glad that we could assist him in getting his brand new smile in a jiffy.

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