A dream come true for Noraziah : Dr Nabilla

Noraziah and her husband, Fakrurazi, came in for a consultation session. They would like to have a more confident and dazzling smile.

Before-Unwanted grooves on four of her front teeth

What a lovely and delightful couple they were. Always smiling and cheerful while having their routine examination done before I concluded their teeth condition.

She was very excited and couldn’t wait to hear what I can offer her. She had spaces between her lower front teeth and noted that her teeth is a bit yellowish in colour. Her upper front teeth had grooves on the smooth surfaces.

Above all she rarely smiles widely because it will show off her spaced out teeth. She really wanted to do something about it for a long time, but none of the treatment options offered to her was what she was looking for.

Upper front teeth after veneer

Noraziah told me that she was often consulted to wear braces, however she really didn’t want to have her good teeth extracted out.

I told her that we can accomplished a whiter brighter smile with our ZOOM! Whitening system which only takes about an hour to complete before proceeding with composite veneers to close all the gaps and correct the unwanted grooves.

Before: Gaps on lower teeth

She agreed immediately!

“Wow, it does makes her teeth much much brighter!!” her husband exclaimed after the whitening cycles was completed.

“Well, it is not complete yet. Now we are going to do the veneer makeover for her”, I told him excitedly.

An hour later, I gave Noraziah the mirror.

“Alhamdulillah (praise to god)!!” ecstatically she said with teary eyes while looking at her reflection in the mirror.

After-All gaps closed

Before going out of the door she hugged and thanked me for making her dreams come true. To have a bright, attractive great smile that she was proud of. I was touched and almost cried myself seeing how it really made her day.

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