Shy no more: Dr Nabilla

Hafiz works in a production house with his friends. His work requires him to meet a lot of people daily ranging from designers to producers, and from managers to actresses. The only problem is that he is embarrassed to smile or open his mouth wide due to his spaced out and yellowish teeth. He admits that this is a problem because his work depends on him talking to people and yet he is not confident to talk comfortably.

Before: Large gaps on upper teeth

“I am always trying to close my mouth with my hands especially when I smile or laugh because I am sure they are going to stare at my teeth” he said.

I felt sad because this problem is hiding away a pleasant joyful person from the world so I said “Oh Hafiz don’t worry. I will be your fairy godmother”

“I would like to have whiter bigger teeth so that everyone can see it. And I want to fill out all the spaces on my front teeth”

“Alright then, let’s get started”.

He sat comfortably on our dental chair and we started off the session with making his teeth look brighter and whiter with our Zoom! Whitening Professional System.

Zoom! is a scientifically advanced tooth whitening procedure that will make your teeth dramatically whiter in a little over an hour. It’s simple, safe and the result is effectively superb.

Next, I prepared him for a veneer makeover to close all gaps and reshape his petite looking teeth to match his face shape.

After whitening and all gaps are closed

“Alright Hafiz, are you ready to see the new you?” I said and give him the mirror.

He didn’t want to look in the mirror initially. I think it was because he was afraid of the result but after a few minutes he said “Doctor….” And went silent. Suddenly he smiled.

“I did not believe that it could be done. But you did it!!” he exclaimed.

We stood in front of the big mirror and admired his transformation.

As we were standing, I can feel that this makeover had a positive impact on him. Before he left the clinic I asked him , “Hafiz can you do me a favor? Now that you have a dazzling smile, you have no reason to be shy or afraid to smile anymore. You have to promise me that you will smile more and just be yourself without being afraid that people will stare at you”.

“I will try doctor” he replied with a big grin on his face.

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