A Silver Lining In A Cloud : Dr. Dini

Beauty knows no age limit and beauty is subjective.

Some people may say that having well-aligned teeth equals having perfect beauty. Some may argue that having bunny teeth or gaps in between their teeth is also beautiful.

Well, as we know, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Having said so, I believe that you would agree with me that having abnormally sized or shaped teeth won’t make a perfect smile … and  sometimes may affect the way we chew.

Before-severe erosion on the lower teeth.

This is what I found in the case of Madam Ain.

Madam Ain had severe erosion in her lower teeth.

You may ask what is erosion. It is actually a type of tooth wear due to acid. The most common cause is by acidic food and drinks.

“Can you do crowns for me, doctor ?” she asked, as she sat relaxed on the dental chair.

“I feel uncomfortable every time I talk to people and on top of that, my grandchildren always tease me about my teeth.” she added.

After I completed the initial examination, I explained to her that doing crowns for her would not be the best option. This is because, her remaining tooth structure was insufficient for me to do crowns.

She looked disappointed when she heard this.

“But I can build up the teeth with composite veneers.” I happily told her.

“What is composite veneers?” she asked with a hint of smile.

“Let me show you.” I replied.

I promised her it will look nice and she won’t regret doing it. Madam Ain instantly said yes and gave me the thumbs up to do the veneers.

One hour later, I passed her a mirror to look at her reflection. She turned towards me. Again, she looked in the mirror in disbelief and turned towards me one more time.

Beautiful smile in an hour time.

“Unbelievable doctor!” she said.

“Thank you so much. This is what I wanted and you made it come true in such a short time.” she added.

I pointed out to her that perfectly straight teeth at her age would not look natural and that was why I had to make them the way they were now.

“Perfect!” she said.

That made my day.

When you love what you are doing, what others may call a job, no longer seems that way for you.

My ‘job’ no longer seems that way for me ….it is my passion !!

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