A life changing smile for Hafiz: Dr Mawarni

Hafiz is an army officer stationed in Kementah Camp. He came to accompany our regular patient, Firdaus for 6 months scaling.

After I finished with Firdaus’s treatment, he called Hafiz in to have his teeth checked as well. They have been friends ever since they joined the Malaysian Armed Forces together.

Hafiz before

As Hafiz talked to me, I noticed huge gaps at his upper front teeth.

“So what is your concern about your smile?” I asked.

“Obviously these gaps, Doctor. I get teased all the time because of this unsightly look. Can you do something about it besides wearing braces?” he asked me back.

“Of course Hafiz. You have come to the right place! It can easily be fixed with composite veneers. The best part is, it can be done within a single visit,” I said.

I showed him the ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures of our previous makeover patients. Hafiz was amazed with their results. He seemed excited to do the makeover. However, he was not free on that day. So, he scheduled another appointment with me.

On the appointment day, Hafiz tagged another friend along. I took his ‘before’ treatment smile and started the makeover immediately. Since we have something in common, we chatted about military updates and my experience back when I was in service.

After about an hour, I asked Hafiz to have a first look at his brand new smile. He looked through the big mirror and smiled ear to ear.

“Wow! I look different! Thank you Doctor.” he said.

Hafiz after

“Are you happy?” I asked.

“Of course I’m happy!” he smiled.

We print the ‘before’ and ‘after’ smiles pictures for him as a gift.

Hafiz was busy with his phone updating his new look to his girlfriend. 🙂

“You will not get teased anymore after this Hafiz,” his friend, Jasin said.

They both laughed as they went off the clinic.

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