Lela gets her confidence enhancing smile: Dr Mawarni

Lela is a teacher in Kajang. She got to know about us after accidentally saw our signboard whilst looking for a newspaper at Rafeek’s grocery store. Lela stayed in Grand Continental Hotel nearby with her family for a short stay in KL.

She had always wanted to have a better smile but she always postpone her dental visit. Without wasting the opportuntiy, she walked in to our clinic with her 2 children for a check up.

Lela's smile : Before

“Doctor, I’m sorry. My teeth are really bad. It’s been a while since my last visit to a dentist,” she said as she sat on the dental chair.

“It’s alright. I look at teeth every day. Congratulations for your courage to come! So how can I help you dear?” I asked.

“I am concern with my front teeth. I do not have the confidence to smile,” she said with a sad face.

She was really shy to smile.

Lela had a missing  front tooth. The existing fillings of her front teeth also were discoloured and need to be replaced. I suggested her to do a dental bridge to replace the missing tooth and composite veneers to blend with the colour of the bridge. Dental bridge is made out of ceramic and hence more opaque than her natural teeth.

It didn’t take long for Lela to decide, she immediately agreed with my treatment plan. I promised she will look pretty even before she gets the permanent bridge.

Lela was really happy with her new image. She called her 2 children for a second opinion. They were both happy to see her mum’s excitement and new smile.

“This is just a temporary bridge dear. You will need to come after a week for the permanent one. I will ask the technician to make the dental bridge’s shape and size similar like the temporary, okay,” I explained.

Lela's smile: After

At her following visit, Lela came earlier than her appointment time. She said she is so excited to have the permanent bridge placed. I adjusted her composite veneers to match with the colour of her permanent bridge.

She looked really pleased after seeing her brand new smile. In fact, she couldn’t stop smiling. She stared at the big mirror and looked through her smile from all angles.

“Thank you very much, Doctor! My husband said I look prettier now. I can’t wait to go back to work. Now I am more confident to smile!” she said.

I reminded Lela to come for her 6 months check up. Being a dentist allows me to create beautiful smiles. I also get to enhance their self-esteem. What a fulfilling job!

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Noraini Abd Jalil
Noraini Abd Jalil
6 years ago

God job my dear sister! proud of u