New smile, new life: Dr Mawarni

Wan is a friend of mine. We have known each other for many years. One evening she sent me a text saying that her tooth was broken and she needed the tooth to be replaced immediately. So, I booked a slot for her in my daily schedule.

Wan before

That was not the first time she came to our clinic. Wan had a denture done to replace her missing front tooth.

Like most people, Wan is fearful to come for dental treatment. However, she is the type of person who could manage her dental fear and remain calm during treatment.

Wan had a fractured front tooth. Unfortunately, the fractured tooth could not be saved. The tooth need to be extracted and replaced on the same day.

“Please do whatever you can to help me. I can’t walk around without my front tooth. It is so embarrassing,” she said.

“I promise you will look pretty before you leave the clinic, I said,

I explained further to Wan that she could opt for tooth addition to her existing denture or do an immediate dental bridge.

Wan : After

“Which one would you rather do for me and why?” she asked.

“An immediate bridge is better for you as it is fixed and stronger. It is called ‘immediate’ because you will have the artificial tooth placed immediately on the same day of the extraction. Unlike the usual dental bridge, you will need to come for an extra one visit. This is to allow the extraction site to heal for at least one month before the final impression is taken,” I added.

I drafted the pros and cons between the two options so that she could understand better. Wan agreed to have an immediate bridge done for her.

So, I started to do my magic. 😉

In about 2 hours, I passed the mirror to Wan for her first look at her new smile.

“Thank you so much!” Wan whispered as she hugged me. Her facial expressions and gestures say it all. She looked really happy.

Wan gets her life changing smile. Her makeover really made my day.

Keep on smiling my friend!

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