How To Look Ten Years Younger In Thirty Minutes: Dr Dini

Yes….you read it right. No botox, no painful serum or collagen injections. Just a simple composite veneers.


Hani came to see me for a routine dental check-up. She usually sees her regular dentist in PJ, but since she moved to Ampang recently, she decided to visit a dentist nearby.

“PJ is quite far.” she said.

“I just need to do the scaling and polishing doctor.” she told me.

“It has been more than six month since I last did scaling.” she added.

“Sure, my pleasure.” I replied.

Once the procedure was done, I asked her if she wanted to close the gap in between her upper front teeth.

“You can do that?” she asked in awe.

“The dentist I went previously told me I need to wear braces for that.” she added.

I explained to her that in her case, which is a straight forward and simple, a composite veneer will do. It’s painless and easy to maintain.

“Okay doctor, let’s do this.” she said excitedly.

Thirty minutes later, as promised, I handed her a mirror and told  her how she looked ten years younger than her actual age.

A sweeter smile less than 30 minutes.

After seeing her reflection in the mirror, she turned to me and said with a wide smile on her face,”You’re right doctor, I do look ten years younger.”

“And I am sweeter when I smile too!”

As we bid our good-bye, I couldn’t stop smiling and feeling grateful that a simple procedure brought happiness to a person.

It’s true as they said, a smile is a crooked line that can make everything straight!

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