Suri’s Unexpected Makeover: Dr. Dini

Suri. Beautiful name isn’t it? True to her name, she is one gorgeous lady that, I as a woman myself, was mesmerized by her beauty. Suri is a local newscaster and I think the job suits her well.

There was no particular reason of why she ended at our clinic except for the fact she had terrible toothache. Well, she went to a dental clinic nearby earlier but the dentist was not in. The receptionist there then suggested our clinic to solve her dental problem and that explained her being at our clinic.

So, when she saw me, it’s obvious she was in terrible pain and ¬†asked me to get rid of it immediately.

“I’m in pain, doctor. Can you help me fix it?” she asked with a painful expression on her face.

“Not a problem Suri. But let me examine it first so we know what is causing the pain.” I replied.

After I finished examining her teeth, I told her what was the problem that causing her pain. She had a deep cavity on her upper right premolar which can be fixed by putting a filling to relief the pain.

“Okay doctor. But make sure it’s not painful. I had enough I think.” she said. I laughed upon hearing that and replied, “No, it’s not going to be painful. I promise you.” ¬†Ten minutes later, when I had done the filling, she asked me, ” Doctor what’s veneer?”

I happily explained the procedure to her and even did the mock-up for her.

Before- a protruded left canine and a 'tucked-in' lateral incisor.

Happy with the mock-up’s result, she agreed to proceed with the veneers on her upper teeth. Suri had a protruded upper left canine which she dislike. I suggested to do four veneers for her to make it look straighter.

An hour later, when she saw her reflection in a mirror the only word that came out from her mouth was, “Wow!!!” as she grinned from ear to ear.

A beautiful smile an hour later.

“It looked as if I had braces done. So straight.” she added.

“Thank you doctor.Not only you fixed my aching tooth, you also gave me me the smile I always dream of.” she said.

Suri left the clinic with a smile on her face and I had one on mine too… won’t you had one too if you’re able to help a person achieved her dream smile?

A beautiful smile for a beautiful lady.

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