Hassan gets his younger looking smile: Dr Mawarni

Hassan and his wife came to our clinic to fix his front teeth recently. He is now a pensioner and enjoys his retirement days by taking care of his adopted son. His other children are grown ups and live with their own families. Hassan and his family are our regular patients.

“Hi En Hassan! How can I help you today?” I welcomed him.

Hassan: Before

“This is what happened Doctor. I broke my front fillings yesterday whilst eating mutton!” he said as he smiled, showing his front teeth.

I noticed the broken fillings were two central incisors. Only half of the original tooth structure remains.

“Did you experience any pain from these teeth?” I asked again to rule out any other problem.

“So far, I have never had any pain Doctor,” he answered.

“Don’t worry En Hassan, this is easy. You will look 10 years younger in a short while,” I reassured him. 😉

I completed his treatment in about 30 minutes. Then, I asked him to look at his brand new smile through the big mirror in the clinic.

“So, do you like it?” I asked him as we were admiring his new smile.

Hassan After: Natural looking smile!

“Of course I do! Thank you Doctor. I have another event where they will serve mutton again next week. Guess I will need to be extra careful next time,” he added.

I agreed with him. The teeth are weak as only half of the original structure left. The best treatment for these two teeth are crowning.

I advised him to opt for crown if he encounter the same problem again.

Meanwhile, enjoy your new smile En Hassan!

I think he looked much younger with his brand new smile. Don’t you think so too?

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