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My aunt whom I call Ibu had veneers done on her lower front teeth to close all the gaps in between in December last year. She absolutely loved the result and she didn’t have to use her retainers. The best thing is that everything is done on the same visit. Ibu couldn’t wait for her daughter, Tee, to come back from overseas and get her teeth done as well.

Tee before

My dearest cousin, Tee, just got back from her post graduate studies in the UK last month. Currently she is in line for several job interviews to get her dream job. During my house warming gathering, our family finally got the chance to catch up with her. While busy catching up  with her, she asked about what I did for her mum during her last dental visit. Then I showed her what I did for her mum and draft out what we can do to fix her rotated, asymmetrical front teeth. She was skeptical that she will look presentable after the treatment as she believe that her teeth are horrible and ugly that nothing can be done except braces which takes a a couple of years to complete.

Tee After

But Tee came anyway the following week and decided to give it try. I was so excited that she came and told her that she will not regret it. She was scared that the procedure will be painful. However, after I reassured her that it will be done before she knows it and its pain free, she became less tense. We had so much fun during the treatment that Tee didn’t even remember that she was scared before. We took lots of pictures together. We did funny poses and lots of giggling and laughing over that 1 hour.

Tee with her new smile

After that we had a break and continued for another half hour to finish off her lower teeth and all the other cavities that needed to be fixed. Finally when I showed Tee the mirror she smiled and made a sexy face.

While pouting her lips she turned around to Ibu and asked “So, how do I look? ”

Both Tee and Ibu was very happy with Tee’s new confident smile. I wish Tee all the best with her upcoming interviews and welcome home darling !

If you would like to get this life changing experience, drop by any of our branches for a quick consultation or email me at nabilla@story.drfauziah.com for any inquiries.

Tee tweeting while having her veneers done
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6 years ago

Dr..sya nk tny..kos utk makeover ni berapa ye ?? Ikut berape gigi yg dibetulkn ke ??