A quick fix for Momoko : Dr Nabilla

Momoko walked-in this morning with a worried look and sad face. She registered herself and told us that she wanted to do a filling on a broken tooth. Then she sat quietly and didn’t want to say anything else. When she entered my room I asked her why such gloomy face. She explained that she is on her holiday with her mom visiting her aunt who works in Malaysia. Two days ago while they were eating chicken her front tooth broke and she dare not smile.

Momoko with a broken front tooth.

When I examined her, I saw that her upper front tooth is broken into half and its making her smile awkwardly. The tooth is already root treated because she had a fall when she was a kid, broke part of the tooth and the tooth was dead. That is the reason why she felt no pain despite the fact that the tooth has fractured up to half the crowns’ length. I reassured her and told her not to worry as it is an easy fix for me to do. She’ll be on her way in no time. She sat down and I started to cast my magic spell. Momoko was an excellent patient though she was a little bit nervous.

Momoko after the broken tooth is fixed.

15 minutes have past and finally a sprinkle of fairy dust before I gave her the mirror. Momoko rinsed her mouth and took the mirror. Then she asked me which one was the broken tooth and we laughed. She absolutely adore her new teeth and didn’t realise that we could actually restore her teeth and make it look very natural.

Momoko is happy that her tooth is fixed.

As Momoko bid us farewell, I felt very happy for Momoko because we could help her and I realised ┬áthat making beautiful smiles is an art. I have never known myself to be an artist but I sure do love to see my patients loving their smile every time they’ve come to see us. Thank you Momoko and pay us a visit the next time you’re in Malaysia. If you would like to get a quick fix like Momoko, just drop by any of our branches or email me for any inquiries at nabilla@story.drfauziah.com and I will be happy to help you get your dream smile.

Me, Momoko and Intan.
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