Discoloured teeth: Dr Nik

Teeth can be discoloured for a number of reasons. It can be discoloured because of external stain which can be attributed to food or drink such as coffee or tea and also nicotine staining if you are a smoker. These stains that covering the outside surface of teeth can be removed by doing scaling and polishing.

In addition there are internal stains ( stains from inside of the teeth). These stains are the result of changes in the teeth itself. One of them is tooth decay which make the cavity appears greyish black. Treatment for this is justĀ  a filling where the dentist will clean the cavity and then put on a filling. A dead tooth or root treated tooth will become discoloured over the time and with aging as well the teeth will become darker as enamel gets thinner and dentin gets thicker.

Before-discoloured teeth

Nonetheless, whether it’s external or internal staining, having one of these won’t make you dazzling anybody with your smile and it’s a human nature to want to have something nice and beautiful…and this is the reason why Ida came and see me today.

Ida has both type of stain on her two upper front teeth. The right central tooth has this greyish black stain because of a cavity and the left one is discoloured because it is a root treated tooth. I suggested a veneer on the right tooth and a crown on the left one, but Ida requested me to do veneers on both teeth.

After-whiter teeth

As I was doing the veneers, I realized that I need to do two more veneers on the side teeth in order to get nicer result. I showed and explained to Ida what I meant and she agreed to do two more veneers. It didn’t take me long to finish the treatment as the two side ones are easier to do than the central ones. In no time, a mirror was already in Ida’s hand and she was smiling happily looking at her new teeth. No longer is there dark coloured teeth and her teeth are nicely align now.

As she bid me farewell, she hugged me and thanked me for making her teeth nicer. It was a very fulfilling moment for me as I felt that I’ve done good to another person.

This definitely make my day!

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9 years ago

Dr..mslh sya gigi depan satu kedepan..apa rawatan yg saya blh buat utk jdikn rata ? Brape kosnye??
Trime kasih..