Makeover for Adilah: Dr Nabilla

Adilah, a mother of two, came with her husband and children a couple of months ago to seek advice on her new partially erupted upper right canine. Usually upper canines erupt into the oral cavity between the ages of 9 to 11 years old. For some, their canines can be seen before the age of 9 and for others they will erupt later than the norm.

As for Adilah, her upper right canine erupted way pass the usual age period.  Upon examining her, I find that she still have her primary upper canines (milk tooth) and her permanent right upper canine is partially erupted. An x-ray was taken to get a clearer view of her dentition and we found the other canine (left side) embedded in the bone.

Adilah after extraction of right canine.

Since Adilah is not comfortable with her newly erupted upper right canine as it is difficult to clean, we decided to extract it and close the gap with a simple composite veneers on her upper incisors ( front tooth).

On her first visit, we completed the task of taking out her partially erupted right canine with a minor surgery. She was happy and excited to come back and finish the second half of the treatment plan which was scheduled two weeks after to do a makeover with composite veneers.

Composite veneers on upper front teeth.

Two weeks later, Adilah and her husband walked in with excitement and are ready to get her dream smile. The socket from the extraction was healing well and are ready for her composite veneers.

We head off to a good start and a few hours later, I gave her the mirror. She admired and loves her smile which we close the gap where her previous partially erupted canine used to be and fix other rotated front teeth to make it look straight.

‘It’s like magic” she said.

Before sending her off, I reminded her that she needs to come for her regular check-ups and I would love to see her again to see how she is doing . We really care for our patients, not just from dental perspective but also overall aspects of their life.

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