A smile makeover for the bride-to-be: Dr Mawarni

Shida stumbled upon our clinic at our blog. This petite, young lady made appointment in Menara Raja Laut branch recently to find out about smile makeovers.

As she walked into our clinic, I could sense that she seemed a bit nervous.

“I’m very scared of dentist, Doctor,” she said as she sat on the dental chair.

“Did you have any bad experience with dentist before?” I asked.

“No. Just the thought of doing dental treatment, the sound and the sight of the instruments have made me really nervous,” she replied.

“I see. Don’t worry dear. We will make sure that you will experience the most pleasant time with us,” I reassured her.

“So, what is your concern today?” I asked.

Shida: Before

“Well, I would like to have my teeth cleaned. I’m also interested to do dental makeovers to straighten my teeth. I am not happy with these 2 jutting out teeth,” she said as she smiled.

I did a thorough oral examination and even took several of her ‘before’ makeover pictures from different angles. Shida never had her teeth cleaned before because of her dental fear and anxiety.

I took this opportunity to tell her the importance of getting her teeth cleaned regularly to maintain her gum health. I also explained about the different treatment options to improve her smile.

“I don’t have time to do Clearpath or braces, Doctor. I’m getting married in 2 weeks!” she said.

“Congratulations! Why didn’t you say that this smile makeover is for your wedding? Go for composite veneers then. The treatment can be completed by today!” I said.

“Ok! Will it be painful?” she asked.

“Don’t worry. I promise it will be a painless experience for you,” I added.

I did a localized scaling at the associated front teeth and proceeded with the composite veneer treatment. In approximately an hour, I completed the makeover and asked her to look at her brand new smile through the big mirror.

“Wow!” That was her first remark.

Shida: After

“Do you like it? I think you look more mature and sweet than before,” I said whilst admiring her new smile.

“Yes, I love it! It is not super straight but it is just nice!” she said.

“Let say what your fiancé will say about your new smile, huh. Don’t tell him that you did something to your teeth. You will be surprised he might not notice because it looks really natural,” I suggested. 😉

I took several photos after the makeover for her to compare with her previous smile. She couldn’t stop smiling and keep staring at her own photos.

I reminded her to come for full mouth scaling before the wedding and she immediately made an appointment.

The idea of not doing scaling at the same visit was to allow her to take one step at a time in her dentistry journey. I could see that she managed to overcome her dental fear and anxiety after the makeover.

“I am excited to share this experience!” she said.

I am excited for her too! I’m glad that I could be part of her big day preparation. Good luck for the wedding Shida. Flash your beautiful smile. May you have a smooth sailing reception and most important, a happy married life :-D!

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