A gorgeous smile for a gorgeous lady: Dr Mawarni

Anna is an elegant, sophisticated looking young lady. She was recommended to me by my sister. Anna took the day off just to make time to improve her smile.

“Hello Miss gorgeous Anna! How are you?” I welcomed her.

“Hello Doctor! I’m fine thank you! Finally I managed to squeeze in for dental appointment to fix my smile. I’m longing to have a beautiful smile. Thank God I manage to see you today,” she said.

Anna is a very busy lady. She works in a corporate communication department of a well-known oil & gas company.

“So tell me about it. Why are you not happy with your smile?” I asked.

Anna Before: Notice the visible filling?

“I am not happy with my old front fillings. The lines of the filling are visible. I have done whitening for five times, but the colour of the filling does not change. I really need your advice on this. I represent the image of my company,” she explained.

Her line of works requires her to meet up and communicate with people every day. She really felt conscious to smile as she was worried that people might notice the defective fillings.

“Aha! This is simple Anna. I suggest you do 4 composite veneers. You will be happy with the result. I promise,” I said.

Anna had asked me about ceramic veneers. I explained to her that she could always opt for that option if she is not happy with the composite veneers.

The advantages of doing with composite if compared to ceramic are; it is much simple and easier to fix if there is any need of repair in the future. Since Anna’s case was very minor, I suggested her to opt for composite veneers first, as it is more conservative.

Anna agreed with the proposed plan and I did a quick fix of her smile. Once finish, I handed the mirror to her.

Anna: After

“Oh perfect! Thank you!! I feel that I regained my life back!” she said.

“I’m even happier when I see you happy!” I said.

Seeing her happy facial expressions really made my day. It’s a thing that money can’t buy. A priceless moment.

I’m pretty sure that Anna had regained her confidence back. Shy no more Anna. Flaunt that beautiful smile of yours! 😉

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