Creating Miles of Smiles : Dr Sheril

Erwan is a tall handsome guy, who came to our clinic because he was concern with his crowded teeth.

As he sat down on the dental chair, a face mirror was passed to him and I asked him, “Ok Erwan, why don’t you tell me exactly what is it that you don’t like about your teeth?”.

Before the makeover

So he pointed out that he was not happy with the overlapping of his upper front teeth and his upper left canine was jutting out, not to mention also the crowding of his lower front teeth.

He was hoping that we could do something about it.

After thorough examination, consultation and options was given to him.  I first advised him to go for an Orthodontic treatment, which means that he will be wearing braces in order to align his crowded teeth, but he was not keen for braces.

Therefore, another option was suggested to him and that was to do makeover with a composite veneer. Erwan was more eager to go for the makeover but unfortunately we could not proceed on the same day as he had something else to do. Thus, he was scheduled for another appointment for the makeover.

On the day of his appointment, I could see that he was nervous and excited at the same time. I still remember there were some funny questions by Erwan which made me laugh.

It was like, “Doctor, will I be able to go for my meeting after this?”.

“Will I be able to speak normally after the makeover?”, asked Erwan.

It made me giggle for a while but then I reassured him that composite veneer is just a simple procedure and he was going to be just fine.

After all  the hard work, constructing and adjusting his teeth, finally … The long awaited moment came …

As he took a look into the mirror, he was speechless. Erwan was actually amazed with his new look.

After the makeover

“I love it, doctor!”, he claimed. And I am really satisfied with the result”, said Erwan, as he continue adoring his new teeth in the mirror.

“Well then, good for you Erwan. I am glad that you are happy with the result”, I replied.

As we say our goodbye, Erwan did mention that he is looking forward for another makeover on his lower teeth after this and to hear him saying something like that really made my day!

Thank you Erwan for being such a wonderful patient!

We here in Klinik Pergigian Fauziah, are definitely looking forward to see you again after this!

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