Straighter teeth with Clearpath for Afni: Dr Nabilla

December last year Afni saw our clinic in Publika while having lunch with her husband and decided to drop by the clinic for a quick examination. She was concerned about her protruding front teeth. She has been meaning to do something about it but has yet the time to do anything about it. She wanted an ideal normal looking set of teeth so that she can clean well and look good.

Protruding upper front teeth

We sat down and discussed together all the possible options available that best suits her budget and her ultimate goal which is to have a well aligned teeth that suits her face. I reassured her that we can plan her treatment accordingly and tailor it to fit her busy schedule with the best outcome.

Afni told me that she wanted to wear braces but put it off because while putting wires and brackets may be trendy for some, it may not be for her who is working in a production team. Furthermore, she did not think that she can commit to come for a wire change every 4weeks.

Then I suggested Clearpath as the solution to her problems.

Clearpath is a series of clear aligners that is customised for you with a goal to realign your teeth in better comfort and with minimum visits to the dentist in comparison to conventional braces.

Series of aligners

Clearpath is highly recommended for adults and teenagers who don’t want other people to notice that they are having their teeth straightened and doesn’t want any speech impairment. I also explained to Afni that with Clearpath she doesn’t have to worry about looking ugly at functions or having to change her eating habit. She can enjoy all her favourite food. And because it is removable, she can also maintain her oral hygiene with just normal brushing and flossing.

Clearpath is an aligner system that uses digital technology to find the easiest and shortest way to correct your malaligned teeth. Therefore, straightening process is more efficient and you can even see in animation the ultimate end result of how your teeth will look like when treatment is complete. Finally I shared with Afni what I love most about Clearpath is that we can also predict the finish date of the treatment on the day your first aligner is issued. Isn’t it awesome ? At the end of the discussion, Afni decided to proceed with Clearpath to fix her protruding front teeth.

Afni wearing upper and lower aligners.

This morning we called Afni to check on how she is doing. She only needs to wear up to 20 aligners to get her dream smile. She has been wearing a series of aligners for 2 months now and we have seen a remarkable change in her smile. I am very excited and can’t wait to see Afni’s progress next month. It is always satisfying for me when I can help patients have all the information they need to make a life changing decision. If you also want us to plan your treatment that is tailored to your needs, email me at and I am more than happy to help you get your dream smile =)

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