A Perfect Birthday Gift : Dr. Dini

Aqilah is an active and happy eight year old girl. Through my experience, this is the age where we want to try everything and anything especially things our parents or elderly forbid us from doing it. Running in the living room,climbing the kitchen cabinet, wishing that we will become a spiderman¬† in future or sliding the stairs hoping we can fly like a superman. Those were the days…

Before- fractured central incisors

Aqilah came with her mother and there was this sad look on her pretty face. I asked her why the gloomy look. She didn’t say anything, just opened her mouth and pointed to her upper incisors. Her mother explained¬† she was running and chasing her friend when she stumbled upon a chair at nursery and fell.

“I learned my lesson mum.” she said sadly.

“Good.” replied her mum smilingly.

Her mum turned to me and asked, ” Can you fix her teeth doctor ?”

“Her birthday is coming up this Saturday.” her mum added.

“Of course !” I said happily.

While building up Aqilah’s tooth, I explained to her mother, that complications may occur in future (swelling or pain) on that particular tooth which is common since it had been traumatized. If it were to happen, she may need root canal treatment. Aqilah’s mother understood.

Thirty minutes later, I handed Aqilah a mirror and she grinned from ear to ear.

30 minutes later. Perfect looking central incisors.

“Thank you doctor.” she said. “No one will tease me again.” she added. Both her mum and I laughed.

“So Aqilah, enjoy your birthday present.” I told her.

Seeing her expression had really  made my day, reminded me of my two daughters with their cheerfulness, cheekiness and heartily laughter.

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