Irma’s Long Awaited Dream Smile : Dr. Dini

I’m always happy if I receive a referral  from any of my previous patients. It means that the patient was happy  with my treatment and it makes me aware of how much trust they place in me as their dentist. This is the case for Irma. I did a makeover  for Tasha two years ago, Irma is Tasha’s friend. Irma was amazed at Tasha’s beautiful smile  and more impressed that Tasha didn’t have to put on braces to fix her teeth and earned that beautiful smile in just thirty minutes.

Before- a 'tucked in'lateral incisor and uneven central incisor.

At that time Irma was still studying in USA. Two weeks ago she made an appointment to see me and wanted to do a makeover to straighten her teeth. After the initial examination, I informed Irma that I needed at least an hour to create her dream smile.

“Go ahead doctor, I’m all yours.” she said.

While doing the veneers on Irma’s teeth, I had a chat with Tasha. Apparently, Irma is an upcoming singer based in  New York, USA. She had just released her single titled ‘Don’t Be Messin’. She is currently back in Malaysia to do a few shows and also to promote her single.

True to my promise, about an hour later, as I was about to pass  a mirror to Irma, Tasha said,”Before you look at yourself in the mirror, let me take your picture first.”

Irma smile widely for the camera and I handed her the mirror again. She giggled upon seeing her own reflection. She couldn’t stop smiling and wouldn’t let go of the mirror. “Now I can  smile and the photographer can take pictures from any angle. It’s perfect doctor ! Thank you.” she said.

After- only 3 veneers needed to create her dream smile

“You should thank Tasha too.” I replied. They hugged each other like school kids, overwhelmed by the joy and happiness.

Before we bade each other good bye, I wished Irma all the best in New York and reminded her to continue her dental check up there. The six  monthly dental check up is important to make sure the veneers last long.

Do check out her video in YouTube  Don’t  Be Messin’ by Irma Seleman. She is indeed, has a beautiful voice and a huge talent.

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