Quick Fix For A Simple Gap : Dr Sheril Aida

Azura, a bubbly type of person I would describe her. She came with an intention to close the gap in between her front teeth. Gone to several dentist but none was able to help her besides advising her to go for braces. One day, she found out about our blog, read some of our exciting stories regarding makeovers and she became excited.

Before - Slight gap notice on upper front teeth

 “At least I now knew that my case can be solved other than wearing braces”, claimed Azura, as she found out some similar cases as hers through the blog …
Filled with curiosity and eagerness of wanting to know more about the makeovers that we do, she decided to book an appointment at Menara Raja Laut branch and came to see me.
The excitement that she had, increases when I told her that her case is an easy case. A simple composite veneer is all that she needs to cover the gap. So I explained to her about composite veneers.
Without wasting anymore time, we started of the session with a snap shot of her ‘before’ picture. Then I continued with the makeover on Azura.  40 minutes later, together with her routine scaling, she was ready with her new look. The gap was closed …
“Oh wow! What did you do doctor?, asked Azura, smiling and adoring her new look. She was thrilled to see that the gap was closed.

After - Gap closed

“Err, perhaps magic?”, I replied and both of us was laughing.

Looking at me again, she added “This is really nice and i really liked it. Thank you Dr Sheril. At least I do not have to wear braces just to close that simple gap”.

I could see that Azura was captivated by the result. A face of satisfaction could be seen throughout her face. We ended up the session with another snap shot of her  ‘after’ picture of her new look.
Azura left the clinic with a big smile on her face and that made me filled with joyfulness too!
So yeah, creating a beautiful smile is what we do here in Klinik Pergigian Fauziah!
Do call us at 03-26911334/ 03-41071591/ 03-62064066 for any enquiries.
When you smile, we smile!

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9 years ago

how much is the cost for this kind of makeover?

9 years ago

dear dr and team, can i know the cost for this composite veneer? thank u =]