A natural smile for Paul: Dr Mawarni

Paul was referred to us by his Australian friend, Susan. He had decided that it’s time for his dental visit as he had not seen any dentist for almost 4 years.

Paul is a project accountant for an engineering company which is based in UK. He is currently working at Kuala Lumpur branch for 2 years, and will be back home after that.

“I need to have my teeth checked. I also need cosmetic work for my front teeth,” he said.

Paul: Before

Paul had a crown done at his upper central incisor tooth a long time ago. With time, the rest of his teeth has changed colour to more yellowish but the crown’s shade remains the same.

“I want a treatment which is painless and doesn’t look artificial,” he added.

“Sure, Paul! You mean you don’t want your teeth to become a ‘toilet-bowl’ white right?” I rephrased his concern.

“Hahaha! Yes, that’s what I mean. Not a Hollywood kind of smile,” he said.

I proposed him to do whitening followed by composite veneers for the smile makeover. Without hesitation, Paul just put his trust in me and agreed. He also need basic treatments which were scaling and filling.

Since his work schedule was a little bit tight, I divided his treatments into 3 visits. This was also to avoid him from spending too much time on the dental chair and feel more relaxed.

Paul: After whitening

At his 2nd visit, Paul had undergone whitening with Zoom! treatment. In just an hour, his teeth turned to 8 shades whiter. Amazing, huh!

“You look 10 years younger Paul,” I said after the whitening.

“That’s what my hairdresser always told me too after each haircut. Yes, it does look good! Thank you!” he said.

“You’re gonna like it even more after the next visit,” I promised him.

Paul came early on his 3rd appointment day. As promised I did 5 composite veneers within an hour. I passed the mirror to Paul after final touch up.

“Yeah, this is what I want,” he said

Paul: After smile makeover

“Are you happy? Is there anything you don’t like about your smile now? I can redo the old crown if you want,” I asked again to reconfirm.

“Naaa, this is just fine. I am happy with my smile now. It’s really natural,” he said.

“Do share your happiness with your close family and friends! I would really appreciate if you can refer us to your friends so that they will benefit from our service like you did,” I said as I bid him farewell.

“Sure Doctor! It’s a pleasure for me to do that,” he said.

In Klinik Pergigian Fauziah, we create beautiful smiles every day! Paul walked out from our clinic not only with his brand new smile, but also with his self-esteem increased to another level. 😀

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6 years ago

Salam. Dr, saya nak tahu ttg prosedur teeth capp dan whitening. kosnya berapa ya?