Better late than never: Dr Nik

Better late than  never.

Here’s the story of  Maria whom I last saw almost a year ago.

On her last visit to my clinic, I discussed and talked to her regarding the gaps on her  lower front teeth. Being an orthodontic patient before(wearing braces), Maria thought that only braces alone can close up the gaps.


“There wasn’t any gaps there before doctor, but I realized after I pulled out my teeth it started to drift apart. I didn’t seek any advice because all this while I thought that I will have to wear braces again if I want to close the  gap and frankly speaking I didn’t think that I want to have braces on again at this age”.

Understood her needs, I discussed about veneers and composite filling to close up the gaps. Yes…no braces, just using filling material to shape, sculpt and close up the gaps.

The idea was so appealing to Maria but that didn’t happen until today. Maria had been busy that she had been postponing the treatment.

“Finally doctor, I have the time to sit on the dental chair and get these gaps closed”. Maria said as she sat down on the chair.


I did her scaling first before I close up the gap. It took me an hour to finish up her treatment.

“Wow…now that looks nicer and better..and natural too. No more gaps…finally”. Maria said smiling happily as she held a mirror.

“Yaa…you would have had that ‘teeth’ since last year you know”. I said.

“Ha..ha..better late than never doctor”. She giggled as she walked out.

True…in our clinic we spend time explaining possible  treatment options to our patient. What most important to us is patients being informed of what’s best for them and it’s up to them to decide  what treatment and when they want it to be done….but wouldn’t t it be great to have nicer teeth sooner?

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