A smile showcase for Lin: Dr Mawarni

I met a sweet looking, trendy young lady recently. Lin made appointment for herself at Menara Raja Laut branch after she found us in the website.

Lin came with her husband and children. As she sat on the dental chair, her husband, Hassan asked for my permission to take pictures of us and the clinic.

“Of course you can. Feel free to do so,” I said.

It’s quite common nowadays for patients to take selfie with us and share it in their social media account. Please do share about us with the rest of your family and friends. 😉

“Doctor, it’s been a while since my last visit to the dentist. I would like to have a general check up and improve my smile,” Lin said.

“So tell me, what you don’t like about your smile Lin?” I asked.

“My teeth is not straight and rotated here,” she said as she smiled at me.

“I have read several stories in the blog. Can my smile be fixed without braces like most of the stories? At my age, I don’t prefer to wear braces,” she added.

“Let me do a thorough check up first. Only then I can discuss a proper treatment plan for you that suits your budget and time,” I said.

Lin needed a filling and scaling and polishing. As for the improvement of her smile, she had several options. I discussed with her all the options available including braces. As usual, I showed her our makeover galleries album.

“Composite veneer seems like the most appealing option for me at the moment. To be honest, I didn’t know the existence of such treatment. Not until I found your website and read about your patients’ testimonies. Let’s do the scaling and filling first, Doctor. I need to discuss about this with my husband,” she said.

Lin finally made up her mind before she headed back home that day. She made another appointment to do composite veneers.

Lin chose to do 3 composite veneers to fix her smile.

On the appointment day, Lin came with her husband and her youngest daughter with full of hopes.

“Hi Doctor! My family and friends are all excited to see my new smile. I have told them about what I’m gonna do today. After this I will be attending a birthday party. I’m gonna showcase my new smile to everyone!” she said.

“Oh really! I will have to do an extra excellent job for you then,” I said, joking. 😀

I immediately started the smile makeover treatment. In approximately 90 minutes, I finally ready to show Lin her brand new smile.

“Yeay! I can smile without feeling conscious now! I’m happy Doctor!” Lin said and gave me a huge hug after seeing her smile.

Lin: After treatment

We printed the ‘before’ and ‘after’ smile for Lin as gifts.

I will definitely promote your clinic to my family and friends Doctor,” she said.

“Thank you so much Lin. I really appreciate that!” I said.

As a person who works in the broadcasting line, Hassan shared her thoughts and ideas on making Fauziah Dental Surgery to be part of a reality TV show that involves smile make over.

“It’s not available in our media yet. I remember a TV show called “Extreme Make Over” that was done in Hollywood. Maybe you can discuss with Ministry of Health before proceeding with the idea.We will be a celebrity dentists if that happens,” I said 😉

Creating beautiful smiles is what we do best! I am proud and grateful to have such a great job.

Please do showcase your new smile Lin!

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