About two weeks ago, The Malaysia-International Dental Exhibition and Conference, which is a dental conference organized by Malaysia Dental Association was held at KLCC. As part of the local organizing committee, I was relieved that the event went smoothly. I was a tinge nervous, as I had to give a talk at the conference. In spite of years of giving lectures at the Faculty of Dentistry, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia; not to mention I have done presentations in other countries, the thought of it was still a little…daunting. Anyway, it is over and I was happy that I breezed through it, and hoped it benefited the audience.

My presentation was focused on communication with dental technicians. No doubt communication is essential in everything we do in life. Communication can be one’s greatest strength and weakness at the same time. Looking back, while I was preparing for my 45-minute presentation on this topic, I thought about the communication in Klinik Pergigian Fauziah. There is communication amongst nurses, clinic managers and us dentists in all three clinics; communication with our suppliers, dental technicians and most importantly with our patients.

I pondered on how we at KPF work on improving our communication with patients. It is a responsibility imposed on every staff, not just the dentists. We are not the only ones communicating with our patients. The clinic managers and nurses are very much involved too. As dentists, we realized that we can communicate well on treatments or procedures because it was part of our training in dental schools and we have the knowledge to make patients understand. Yet if we are to work as a team in a practice, we need to ensure that our supporting staff can communicate well too. And we achieve this by having trainings where we help educate our nurses and clinic managers so that they obtain the necessary information to relate to the patients.

The main advantage of good internal communication is that we ensure that patients are not misled with contradicting information between dentists and the staff. And we don’t do it once; we do it again and again so that it becomes a culture to everyone at KPF… At KPF we are lucky that the staff do have the initiative to learn and keep improving themselves.

Why do we do this?  What is our purpose?

We do this because we want communication to be our greatest strength in developing good rapport with our patients.

Our purpose is to offer the best service to our patients!


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