Annies gets her dream smile in Ramadhan: Dr Mawarni

Annies is a sweet and intelligent young lady. At only 30, she is pursuing her PhD in Bio Medical at University of Edinburg.

She had her recent dental check up done by a dentist in UK. Unfortunately, she could not afford the treatment cost proposed by that dentist.

Since she planned to come back to Malaysia for a short visit in Ramadhan, she had decided that it’s best if she gets her teeth done too. So, she googled for dentist in Kuala Lumpur, found us and made appointment! A smart move I must say 😉

At her appointment day, Annies was accompanied by her mum.

“Doctor, I would like to have my teeth cleaned and my smile fixed. If it’s possible, can you make my smile more even?” she asked as she showed her teeth with a shy looking smile.

Annies Before

As I examined her teeth, I noticed that her upper left lateral incisor was extruded and not aligned with the rest of the front teeth.

“For your information Doctor, I’ve had the front fillings done at other clinic. However, it didn’t meet my expectations. I’ve read a lot of good reviews at your blog. So, that’s why I come here,” she said.

As usual, I explained to her all the treatment options available in our clinic in a great detail. Annies chose to do 4 composite veneers to improve her smile.

It was convenient for her as composite veneers could be completed within a single visit. She was scheduled to go back to UK on that same weekend. She requested me to start the treatment right away.

“Will it hurt? Will it affect my fast?” she asked.

“Good questions! Fortunately, it will be pain free and it will not affect your fast,” I said.

Most of my Muslim patients had the idea that dental treatment will affect their fast. Hence, they avoid seeing the dentist unless when they are in pain.

Dental treatment such as fillings, scaling or having your tooth anaesthetized do not have any effect on the validity of the fast, rather it is allowed. We will take extra precautions to ensure that you will not swallow any medicine or blood during the treatment procedure.

Similarly, the injection mentioned does not affect the validity of the fast because it is not a kind of food or drink, and the basic principle is that his fast is valid.

“Don’t worry, we will make sure you are comfortable during the treatment. If you feel your mouth is full of water, please don’t hesitate to stop us, okay,” I reassured her.

In less than 2 hours, I am ready to show Annies her brand new smile.

Annies After: an even smile!

“Come Annies, let’s look at your brand new smile through this big mirror,” I said.

“Beautiful!” that was the first word that she uttered. Her face turned bright and happy. Suddenly her mood changed.

Why don’t you ask  your mom’s opinion? I suggested her.

She went to the waiting area and showed her brand new smile to her mother. I could see her mom showed positive gestures by  nodding a few times and smiling.

“Thank you, Doctor!” she said.

“My pleasure Annies. It’s my job,” I said.

We printed the ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures for her to take home.

Before she left, Lyn, our clinic manager asked her, “So, how’s your experience in our clinic?”

“Really great!” she responded. Annies was very eager to surprise her husband in UK.

Lyn, called Annies the next day to ask if she was ok after the treatment. Her mum answered the phone as she was still asleep. According to her mum, Annies was really happy with her new smile.

Annies came to our clinic with full of hopes and expectations. I am really glad that she had made the right decision. I felt so honored to be part of her journey to have her dream smile.

~Dr Mawarni (

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