Dazzle Everyone This Syawal With Your White, Bright Smile : Dr Dini

As we know, Syawal will be ending soon, but I believe the invitation for open house still keep pouring in. Also, not to forget wedding invitations during this holy month. How strange back then, when there was no such thing like open house. It is Syawal and houses are open everyday to guests. And wedding too, school break is always considered the best time for a wedding so that everybody can attend it. But nowadays, nearly every weekend there will be invitation for wedding reception.

As a multiracial country, we celebrate festive days  by inviting our neighbors, family and friends regardless culture and race.

When we go to open houses, we will be putting our best clothes and make-up to look good. But sometimes, after three or four open houses in a day, the make-up fades and the outfit starts to wrinkle. But there is one thing for sure will remain- the smile on our face!

Why don’t dazzle our host, with our whiter, shinier and brighter smile ?

Melati before whitening.

When you have a bright smile, you automatically want to show it off to everyone.

It becomes your most confident feature! Every time you show off your pearly whites, everyone can’t help but notice.

Melati showing off her pearly white teeth.

There is a science behind smiling and attraction. Smiling has been known to draw people in, whereas frowns has been known to repel… the answer is obvious, go for a bright smile!

Datin Sherry before.

Smiling is contagious…. so be sure to spread the love around! Whenever you show off your smile, you will have everyone smiling  with you.

Datin Sherry was happy with her new brighter smile.
Elina before whitening session.

With all of these factors contributing towards confidence, it’s no secret you want your smile at its brightest!

Let Zoom! Whitening come to you to help turn your smile into your most confident feature!

A brighter smile for Eline

We, in Klinik Pergigian Fauziah has a perfect promotion for Ramadhan and Syawal.

Get your brighter smile with Zoom! profesional whitening system , free scaling and polishing and receive a free gift set worth RM 200.

Book your appointment now and later put on your sexy red lipstick with confidence!

Our free gift set worth RM 200.

For any enquiry do contact me at dini@story.drfauziah.com.

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8 years ago

How much its cost?