Fluorosis: Dr Nik

Do your teeth, or your child’s teeth, have white spots? white streaks? cloudy splotches? brown stains? pitting?. If so, you or your child have a condition called dental fluorosis.

Fluorosis is a cosmetic condition, not a disease. People with dental fluorosis can suffer significant embarrassment and anxiety over the appearance of their teeth. No matter how much they might brush and floss, the fluorosis stains do not go away, they are permanent.

Before veneering

But the good news is, the tooth discoloration that fluorosis causes can be treated through cosmetic dental treatment. The common treatment is either by doing whitening or by doing veneers either a composite veneers or porcelaine veneers. The type of treatment will depend on the severity of the fluorosis.

In my recent case, my patient Ida has moderate fluorosis with white streaks on all the surfaces of her teeth. In her case, the most suitable treatment is by doing veneers and Ida chooses to do composite veneers. She requested me to do the veneers on her upper front teeth.

After veneering

The procedure was quite simple and straight forward. I prepared the area of the affected teeth and did veneers on her six upper front teeth. Alhamdulillah, the result was what I expected it to be. There’s no more white streaks and now Ida has dazzling teeth to show off when she smiles.

Ida was so happy with her new look and kept thanking me for doing it for her. I would be happy too if I’m in her shoes, wouldn’t you?


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8 years ago

Hai Doc. I have done my whitening treatment. And my teeth getting worst. it become fluorosis. The color of my teeth are not same. im getting married end of this year. Can doc please help me? what treatment i can do?