Suzana bid farewell to her dental gaps: Dr Mawarni

It is very common to see dental gaps inside our patients’ mouth. The causes of dental gaps could be due to genetics (born with lesser teeth), spaces gained from previously extracted teeth or people with relatively small teeth but huge jaw. Whatever the cause maybe, the perception of having dental gaps varies between individuals.

In Klinik Pergigian Fauziah, we received many patients who wanted their dental gaps to be closed as they thought having gaps were not dentally aesthetic. They were unhappy and conscious about their smile. As a result, this had greatly affect their social lives. There were a small minority however that thought otherwise.

Bob, one of my patient from UK, didn’t want his dental gaps to be closed.

“Let them be, having gaps are cool. This is my trademark,” he told me.

Zarina before: Dental gaps

Unlike Bob, Suzana were not happy with her dental gaps. Like most of people nowadays, Suzana had resort to finding her dental solutions online. She found us through one of the online forums. Some random people recommended her to come and see us.

I was proud of our team when I got to know this. Obviously, those people were happy with our services and gave good impression to others about us.

I want to take this opportunity to thank our patients for the referrals and good reviews that you have written!

As usual, I offered Suzana with our simplest and most conservative way of closing gaps, the composite veneers option. I suggested her to do 8 veneers to close the gaps for upper and lower front teeth

She wanted to complete her treatment on that same day as she stayed in Kajang and could not afford to come many times.

I took a glimpse at my schedule. My schedule was a bit packed.

“It can be completed by today provided you don’t mind if I pause in between to do treatment for other appointment patients,” I told her.

“I don’t mind Doctor, as long as it can be completed by today,” she said.

I immediately started the procedure. Time is precious in dentistry. Every second counts. 😉

As a dentist, sometimes I feel it is hard to deliver the right of each and every patient. To make sure that everyone starts and finishes the treatment exactly on time. We give priority to patients who have made appointment. Our goal is to make sure patients’ oral health are restored to normal and they leave from our clinic happier.

Sometimes, I did apologize to patients if I made them wait for a while. One thing for sure, I will do my best, to serve the best for every patient. That’s a promise! I love all my patients! 🙂 I am grateful that they do understand the nature of  our work.

“I can’t wait to see the result,” she told me whilst I did the final touch up.

Suzana was really happy to see her brand new smile.

Zarina after: natural smile with no more gaps!

“Wow! It’s beautiful Doctor! How did you manage to shape my triangular shape teeth to be like this?” she asked me.

“That’s art Su. Dentistry is an art,” I answered short.

Yes, Dentisry is a beautiful field. It requires artistic skills from the dentist. That’s why I love it so much, especially when I got to see the satisfaction remarks expressed by my patients. It is PRICELESS.

I was fortunate enough to have such an understanding and cool patient on that day. Thank you Suzana!

Please, please flaunt your new smile to the world! 😀

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6 years ago

Hai doctor. Me also got the same problem. I oredy wore a bracers 2 years ago. But now it became like my old teeth. It became gaps again, idk how to make it close anymore. Im soo sad