Gap-less in one visit: Dr Nik

Lin knew us from our blog. She had been browsing for a dental clinic and was interested in coming to our clinic when she read about the makeovers that we’ve done to our patients. She called and set an appointment for a consultation and second opinion regarding her problem.

On her appointment date , as she sat on the dental chair, she told me that she had visited another dentist before and was told that her problem can only be solve by doing a combine treatment of braces and jaw bone surgery upon completion of her braces treatment.

Lin before

You see…Lin has what we call a class III jaw problem where the lower jaw is protruded (position in front of the upper jaw) and she also has gaps in between her teeth.

Her concern was both, the gaps and also the protrusion of her lower jaw, but she is not keen on doing the jaw surgery.

“Lin, I totally agree with that dentist. Your case is best treated by combining the braces treatment and the jaw surgery. Doing just braces and not combining it with the jaw surgery will only make your lower jaw look more prominent” I said.

“However the gaps can be closed by doing cosmetic filling.Doing this will not change the profile of your jaw. It will stay the same” I added.

“You mean these gaps can be closed and I don’t need to go through surgery?” she asked.

After-no gaps!

“Yes, but like I said your jaw position will stay the same”

“It’s okay Doctor. I will be happy with just having these gaps close. I’ll make an appointment and come back for the makeover”

Two days later, I saw Lin again and she was so looking forward for her makeover. After spending one and a half hour on Lin’s teeth, it’s time for her to have first glimpse of her new smile.  Lin was so happy to see her brand new smile. “I do look so much better than before…thank you so much doctor”

The satisfaction and happiness that I see from my patients always make me happy too…and it also make me want to do better and give my best to all my patients.

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8 years ago

Salam dr. Berapa harga veneer utk sebatang gigi?