Liling’s new aura: Dr Mawarni

Liling was unhappy with her crowded smile. “I am the only one in my siblings who have ugly teeth, ” she complained to me.

Liling Before: Uneven smile

Liling had postponed many trip to dentist due to her anxiety towards dentistry.

However, after reading through our blog posts, she was motivated to finally made a step closer to her dream smile. She finally had the courage to call for appointment with me.

Most of our new patients who came for smile makeovers found us through this website. I agree that it’s a great marketing tool to promote business nowadays. People found it more convenient to look for information online.

Liling had moderate crowding of her upper and lower front teeth. I gave her a few options to straighten her smile.

“If you want a perfectly aligned teeth, orthodontic treatment (wearing conventional braces or Clear Path) is the best for you,” I told her.

I continue to explain about other options which are composite veneers and dental bridge.

Liling's side profile: Before

“There are limitations as to how much we can make the teeth look straight with composite veneers,” I said.

I was being realistic with Liling. In giving treatment options, I always list down the pros and cons for each option and let patients made informed decision.

Every patient is unique. No two souls have the exact same desires and expectations. People came to us from different backgrounds. Hence, in order to have a proper discussion on the treatment plan, one must come over for a thorough check up by dentist.

Liling After: straighter smile

After the consultation session, Liling wished to have composite veneers done for her. She was confident with her decision after seeing previous cases that were almost similar as hers.

“I don’t mind if my smile does not appear really straight. If you can make my smile like this, I will be grateful enough Doctor,” she told me as she pointed at one of the ‘after’ picture of our previous patient.

Liling is a student in private college. Composite veneers option is the most affordable option for her at the moment. Moreover, the idea of having her teeth extracted if she opt for orthodontic or bridge option was a big No-No for her.

Liling was also worried with black stainings on her teeth. The black stains came from hardened plaque or calculus. She only needed scaling to remove the stains. I took the opportunity to explain about the importance of scaling in maintaining oral health.

Liling had scaling and composite veneers done at different appointments. Mirror is her best friend now. She was fascinated with her new smile and loving it.

Liling's side profile: After

At her recent visit, she came for some minor adjustment of her veneers.

“My friends said I looked different! However, they could not identify that i did something to my teeth as they look so natural! Thanks to you, Doctor! Finally i have a straighter smile!” She said.

I’m glad that i could restore Liling’s confidence. She’s young and talented. Keep smiling dear Liling. Your future awaits only you, to live it and to write it!

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