Julia’s journey to a beautiful smile: Dr Nik

Julia’s makeover journey was an unplanned one.

She came to our clinic just to accompany her sister who had an appointment for consultation with Dr Dini. Since she’s already here, she tried her luck and asked my clinic manager whether she can get her teeth check as well. Fortunately for her, my appointment patient hasn’t arrive yet and she got the chance to get her teeth checked.

Julia before

Julia has a nice set of teeth that don’t need much work to be done except for normal scaling and polishing. Addition to that I told Julia that I can transform her smile to a nice align teeth without the gaps and without wearing braces.

“It’s like those that I saw in your blog right?” she asked and I nodded. “How did you do it?” she asked again.

“It’s just a simple composite fillings to shape your teeth and close up the gaps…..I’ll do the mock up and show you how it’s done after I’ve finish your scaling okay”

As promised, after the scaling I did mock up for her. Like most of our patients Julia was amazed with the outcome. Thrilled and excited, she set another appointment to do her makeover.

Julia after

Finally I met Julia again. She came in alone, sent by her sister who went off to do some shopping. Once she settled comfortably on the dental chair, I started the journey to a beautiful smile. After spending some time creating her smile, it’s time for Julia to have a glance at her new smile and look.

I love watching my patients reaction when they had the first glimpse of ┬átheir new smile. The happiness that they showed on their faces said it all, and it’s the same with Julia. She was so happy with her new smile and that is the reason why I love my job. Creating beautiful smile everyday and make at least one person happier everyday.

Keep smiling Julia!

*If you have any inquiry, feel free to email me at this address : nik@story.drfauziah.com

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