Yusof’s Long Awaited Smile: Dr. Dini

Yusof was introduced to us by her friend, Idayu, who happens to be one of our staff in Publika branch. Idayu asked him to check our website after he confided in her that he wanted a straighter teeth without going through orthodontic treatment.

After reading through our makeover stories posted by me and my colleagues, he convinced that we could help him achieve his dream smile. So, he made an appointment with us for a makeover consultation.

Before- uneven upper teeth

Yusof has a friendly and bubbly personality. On the day of his appointment , he was all smiles and chatty. Yet, I could sense his nervousness. Once seated on the dental chair, I asked him what was his concern. Yusof  explained to me that he’s not happy with his upper and lower front teeth. “Can you straighten it without me wearing braces, doctor?’ he asked.

“Of course! I can make it look more even and straight without braces.” I said happily. “Composite veneers will help you achieve your dream smile”. I added.

I did a mock up of the makeover for Yusof. This is for him to get a rough idea on how he will look like with the new arrangement of the teeth, and also how he would feel. I took the before and after picture of the mock  and showed him. Yusof was very happy and satisfied with the mock and gave me the green light to proceed.

Lower teeth before the makeover.

We started the makeover around ten in the morning  and nearly three in the evening, I managed to fulfill Yusof’s wish.. Yusof looked himself in the mirror and started laughing. ” I have never seen myself with such a straight teeth before. My teeth look nice now.” He added.

After- a straighter upper and lower teeth.

Yusof left the clinic with his brand new smile and an appointment for his six monthly routine check up.

Was he happy ?…. I know for sure he was. He smiled widely and kept saying that it was beautiful and thanked me.

Am I happy ?….. Oooo that ‘s for sure! When you are able to help someone in achieving their dream and make them happy, wouldn’t it make you happy too?

Do drop your email at dini@story.drfauziah.com and I will gladly answer any questions.

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