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Nor came to see me to have her veneers, which she had done quite a while to be touched up and look nice for her wedding in 2 weeks time. As I was finishing with her, she told me she had dragged her fiancée with her because she wanted him to get his teeth done too. He needed fillings done for his front teeth and according to Nor, he was really nervous and definitely was not keen on seeing a dentist. She said to me, “Doc, please get him to do his teeth. I want his teeth to look nice for the wedding. It wasn’t easy getting him to come here and now that he is, please convince him.” I can only tell her I will do my best.

In came Mohamad who seemed very shy but I felt it was more of because he deliberately hid his teeth while he was talking. His fiancée was right. It wasn’t easy to convince him to sit in the dental chair and let me checked his teeth. When asked what was his concern, he told me apart from being shy to show his teeth, he was very nervous and afraid that it was going to hurt. After much coaxing (and forced by his fiancée) Mohamad finally agreed to let me check his teeth.

Before - front view

His two front teeth had fillings that were stained and discolored. The center left one had decay underneath the filling. His front teeth were uneven. I told Mohd that I agreed with Nor, being a groom he will certainly be the center of attention and it would be lovely if he could smile and grin without hiding his teeth at his wedding.

“Mohamad, I think you would make your fiancée very happy if you let me help you do your teeth. I’m sure she is looking forward to have beautiful smiles of both of you in the wedding photos. But even if it was not because of the wedding, I would still make you have the fillings changed because the decay is going to progress under the fillings and you will end up losing the teeth instead.”

Before - side view.

I discussed the options for his makeover and offered to make a mock so that he can see how his teeth would be but surprisingly he said, “No need doc. Just go ahead. Don’t make me think anymore.” He only wanted the composite veneers done.

So I removed his old fillings, cleared the decay and built up three of his front teeth so that the front teeth no longer looked uneven. I had to chase his fiancée out while treating him because she was making him nervous (and perhaps me nervous too!).

After - front view.

And when the face mirror was passed to him, he was very thrilled and pleased that his teeth looked nice! Of course, his fiancée was even more pleased that he had his teeth done and all set for the big day. I was relieved that Mohamad was happy and could smile without hiding his teeth.

What amazes me every time I do veneers is how much I could not remember the appearance of the person’s teeth before the veneers until I look at the photos taken at the beginning of the treatment…

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After - side view.
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