New smiles and image for Terry : Dr Mawarni

Terry came to Kuala Lumpur for holiday a few months ago. Unfortunately he broke his tooth on that trip. He googled for dental clinic nearby his hotel and found us at Menara Raja Laut and dropped by without appointment.

“Thank you so much Doctor for taking your time to see me. I could not wait any longer since I broke my front tooth and I started to feel pain & swelling!” He told me.

Terry before

The associated tooth broke a few times and he got it fixed for temporary in Bali.

He was really keen to save it. He had received consultation from a dentist in Thailand and all he offered him was to extract the tooth and replace it with an implant in the future. He was not satisfied with the options given. So, he sought out second opinion from me.

After a thorough check up, I came out with a treatment plan for him.

“Your tooth is savable but the success rate is 50/50. This is because the amount of natural tooth structure left is very little.” I said.

“I will do whatever it takes to save the tooth. Just let me know the time frame for the treatment to be completed so that I can arrange my schedule. By the way, I am leaving for Perth tomorrow,” he said.

Terry's remaining tooth

Terry is an Australian guy and he loves to come to Kuala Lumpur. He loves the company of his Malaysian friends and the variety of food here. He could understand a little bit of Malay language too! His compliments just made me proud to be a Malaysian.

Terry needed a root canal treatment and post crown. The root canal of the broken tooth was exposed and caused infection. Root canal treatment is a means to solve the infection problem whilst post crown treatment is a way to restore the function, and aesthetic of the broken tooth. So, I did an emergency treatment for him on that day, just enough to resolve the pain and swelling.

He came back a month later. Terry grew his moustache and beard to cover his smile so that people won’t notice his broken tooth. As usual i took the before pictures before I begin with the procedure.

“Can I request you to shave before you get your permanent crown next week? I’ve made a beautiful temporary crown for you. This is so that everyone will get a better view of your new smile,” I said.

“I will. Only for you Dr Mawarni, only for you,” he replied and laughed.

Terry was a very friendly man. He shared his travelling experience around South East Asia. He told me that I was the reason he had an extra vacation. He had rather travel to Malaysia and completed his dental work as the dental expenses in Australia was very costly.

Terry After

Terry arrived early and appeared neat with his bow tie. The best part was he had his beard shaved and moustache nicely trimmed.

“Wow! I’m impressed!! I was just joking last time. I never thought you would do it for me. By the way, you look much more handsome today!” I said.

I completed his makeover on that day and took an after photo of his new smile.

Terry got a new smile and new image!

“I like it Doctor! Thanks for helping me out. I will come and drop by to say hello whenever I come to Kuala Lumpur again,” he said.

“My pleasure Terry. Please keep in touch and do refer us to your Australian relatives and friends,” I added.

We’ve had our last photo taking session before I bid him farewell.

One of the the great blessings I love about being a dentist is, I get to make new friends with my patients! I found it very interesting to get to know people from all walks of life. It makes my day to day work more fun! 😀

~Please feel free to contact me at if you have any question, concern or comment.
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