Daddy Din’s worthwhile journey: dr mawarni

Aizuddin accompanied his wife for treatment recently. After receiving good reviews from his wife he had decided to make an appointment for himself.

He told me his frustration with the previous dentist as his filling came out only a few days after the treatment.

Aizuddin: Before

I listen to all his complaints to know his greatest concern. To be honest, feedback from patients is a very powerful tool to help us make future changes and improvements. We could learn from other peoples’ mistakes.

“I get your frustations and I will do my best to help you,” I said.

I did basic dental works for him like scaling, fillings and extraction of a non restorable tooth.

In addition to that, I did propose to him treatments that helps to improve his smile. I noticed he had uneven and slight jutting out front teeth.

“It’s been a while since I last smiled, Doctor. Yes, I’m looking forward to get my smile improved,” he said.

Aizuddin: After

Aizuddin ran his own business. He shared his life stories on how he grew his business from scratch.
He is known as Daddy Din. He too promotes his business online by means of blogging. I respect him for his perseverance and the willingness in sharing tips to be a successful entrepeneur. You can visit his blog at

I did a smile makeover for him by doing crowns and veneers for his upper front teeth. Check out the ‘before’ and ‘after’ makeover photos of him above.

“I never felt so satisfied with dental services like what I am experiencing with Klinik Pergigian Fauziah now. I’m able to eat corns without having to cut it into smaller pieces & smile without feeling shy,” he said.

“I take that as compliment! Please do rate and review us at our google page. I will share the links with you later,” I said.

Daddy Din with me and Intan

He posted a very long review on our google page. His review just made my day. I consider it as an acknowledgement of our work.

Thanks so much for trusting us Daddy Din! We look forward to be your lifetime dental service provider! 😉

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