Beauty Is In The Eye Of Beholder: Dr Dini

Farah works with an event company that particularly handle events in private colleges in Malaysia. By end of November, she has a big, international event in one of the private colleges in Klang Valley. She is involve in the hosting committee and she is very conscious with her current smile. She also will be getting married early next year and she wants to have a better smile for both upcoming event.

Farah's smile before the makeover.

Like most of our makeover patients, Farah knew us from our website. She was thrilled to know that there is such a thing as composite veneers that can change a person’s look. She was even more excited when she saw a patient with similar teeth arrangement like her ended with a beautiful smile in less than two hours.

Farah had moderate crowding of her upper and lower teeth. I gave her few options to straighten her teeth.

“If you want a perfectly aligned teeth, braces is the best for you.” I told her.

She suddenly interrupted me, before I could explained further. “No braces for me doctor. I don’t want a perfect straight teeth. I just want to improve my smile and something simple. I don’t mind the crowding on the lower teeth. After all, when I smile or take pictures, the lower teeth can hardly be seen.” She explained to me.

After listening to her explanation, I smiled.

“There are limitations as to how much we can make the teeth look straight with composite veneers.” I said. I was being realistic and honest with Farah. In giving treatment options, we, in Klinik Pergigian Fauziah always list down the pros and cons for each option and let the patient made informed decision.

“If you can make my smile like this, I will be grateful enough.” She told me as, she showed me one of the blog with similar teeth arrangement like hers.

“That’s an easy-peasy job, Farah.” I told her after looking at the picture she showed me. “I will need approximately one and half hour to achieve that look.” I added.

As promised, one and half hour later , with four composite veneers , I managed to fulfilled Farah’s wish.

Farah's dream smile in less than two hours later.

I handed her a mirror and asked her what she thinks with her new improved smile.

“This is wonderful doctor!’ she said.

I offered to do a minor adjustment on the composite veneers , so it will look more straighter and nicer. She politely refused and said, “No doctor. This is truly wonderful and what I had in my mind. I don’t want it to look too straight.” She added.

Every patient is unique. Different individual has different desire, needs and expectations. Also, like the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of beholder. I fully respect Farah’s wish and nothing can be more happier when a patient is truly satisfied with the treatment I gave to them.

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