Good teeth can change a person’s face: Dr Nik

This is a story of my patient who came all the way from Klang to get her teeth fixed. She found us from the website and was intrigued with all the before and after photos of makeover that we did. By just seeing those photos, she found courage and confidence to get hers done too.

She e-mailed Dr Dini regarding her teeth and was given an appointment to see me since Dr Dini’s schedule for the day that she wanted to come was full. Hence she was given an appointment with me.

Before: generalised worn teeth

Upon examination I found that her main problem was severe tooth wear and it had gotten worse since she did not have any upper and lower molar teeth  that was in contact when her mouth was closed.

In her case, I planned to restore the height to it’s normal position which would give me space to rebuild her worn down teeth by doing composite veneers. This is a preliminary step of  my treatment plan for her. I plan to observe her case for a year before doing something more permanent which I suggested to be porcelain fused to metal crowns to replace the composite veneers.

After: younger looking teeth

It took me several visits to finish this preliminary or first phase of her treatment and she was very happy and satisfied with the result.

The overall treatment has totally changed her. She looks much younger and definitely happier with her new teeth and smile profile.

Hope to see you again on your next appointment and meanwhile do smile and flaunt that beautiful smile of yours!

Please feel free to contact me at if you have any questions.

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