Maria gets her perfect smile back!: Dr Mawarni

Maria came across our blog and she got really excited with our smile makeover stories. She had emailed me for inquiry recently.

Maria wanted to have a perfect smile. She works as a stewardess in Malaysian Airlines. As a frontliner, her job requires her to smile a lot! She loves to smile too!

Maria: Before

However, there was only ONE thing that make her less confident to do so. Her upper left canine tooth was tucked back. Hence, it appeared as if she had missing tooth there. This condition is called cross bite. Her left canine has erupted towards the palate.So, she had made appointment between her busy schedule to meet me in Menara Raja Laut branch.

She was 2 hours early on her appointment day. As I was treating other patients, I advised her to have lunch first whilst waiting for her turn.

As usual, I laid down all the options for her to choose. I explained about conventional braces, clearpath, dental bridge and composite veneer treatments.

“If let say I do composite veneer today, I can always do bridge later if I decide to change my mind right?” She asked.

“Yes, of course. It is not possible if you do vice versa,” I said.

Maria: After

Maria chose to do only one veneer to fix her smile. This is because her other teeth were already well aligned.

We shared a thing in common. Our hometown is Johor Bahru and her neighbourhood is just next to mine. What a coincidence! As my sister was also and ex-MAS cabin crew, so I knew a little bit about the nature of work of a flight attendant. So we had our chit chat on that as I did the treatment.

After about half an hour, she looked at her brand new smile for the first time.

“Yes! Yeay! Now I can smile with confident. Thanks a lot Doctor! You have made my day.” She said.

“Are you happy?” I asked.

“I am happy!” She said, smiling.

Her story had reminded me on how a small act of favor could give a huge impact to other peoples’ lives. So never belittle a small deed in life. It may mean the whole world to the person you’ve helped. Even if it’s just as simple as a smile 🙂

~Do email me if you have any inquiry at I would like to hear from you 🙂

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Ku Nasriah
Ku Nasriah
5 years ago

Hello doctor,I’ve been to ur clinic on 2011 if I’m not mistaken Menara Jalan raja was a great makeover until my interview with Airasia succeed .becoz of one small makeover n now its changing my life as a flight attendant until now.,Thank You Doctor! I will come back here for further checkup