A new smile for a newborn baby: Dr Mawarni

Zai used to be my husband’s colleague. He works for a Germany Oil & Gas company called Rosen. As the name suggested, he works most of the time offshore. So, it’s hard for him to make dental appointment as he always on standby mode. He finally made it to our clinic recently.

As usual, he was still on standby mode but not on work related matter. He was eagerly waiting for the arrival of his new baby! Once the labour starts, he would rush back to Johor Bahru and would be off from work for a month.

Zai: Before

Zai was keen to improve his smile. The thought of it came as he browsed through the smile makeovers that i shared in my personal Facebook page.

He had sent me some photos of his smile earlier. Zai was not happy with his tiny front tooth. The size was smaller than the rest of his front teeth. It looked really obvious when he smiled.

He told me he had an accident about 20 years ago. However, he never had any symptoms of infection like pain, swelling etc.

I’ve had some clue to solve his problem by just looking at those photos. The final diagnosis will be after a thorough check up and further investigation of course.

“What a nice clinic environment. So calm. I don’t feel like being in a dental clinic,” he commented as he sat on the dental chair.

As we’ve had our discussion earlier, it didn’t take long for me to do the check up. We took a cone beam CT radiograph of him.

The finding suggested that the small tooth is a retained primary tooth or also known as milk tooth. As for his associated permanent tooth, it was nowhere to be found.

In conclusion, he has a congenitally missing permanent central incisor which is quite rare if compared to lateral incisor.

I did for him 4 composite veneers. It was a straight forward case. I just redo the filling of the primary tooth and make the 4 front teeth looked even.

Zai: After

“Nice! Yeah, now my teeth looks even,” he said after seeing his smile.

“Does your wife know that you are coming for dental treatment?” I asked.

“Hahaha, I didn’t tell her,” he said.

“Surprise her then with your new smile. It’s a gift for the little baby too!” I said.

I’ve printed his ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos to take home and wished him all the best for the newborn baby.

On December 10th, he announced the arrival of his newborn baby girl on his Facebook page. Congratulations to Zai & family! Enjoy your new smile and welcome to parent club! 😀

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5 years ago

This story same with my story..may i know how much should i spend for this treatment? Thank you

5 years ago

salam.may i know where is the location and how is the payment.i really need to wear braces.

ruzaini hilmi
ruzaini hilmi
5 years ago

Hello Dr.Nanie,

Its a nice story/chronology. Haha! Btw, thanks for your great hospitality when i was at klinik Fauziah. Really appreaciate your efforts and i am looking foward to my next appointment next year.

I will reccommend klinik fauziah to others for sure.