Kicked off!…KPF Year-End Promotion

It took approximately a month for the team members of Kinik Pergigian Fauziah to plan and organize the promotion for end of 2015. From brainstorming to shortlisting ideas, we decided that we would do promotions on cosmetic dentistry. Discussions at meetings, over the phones and email threads led us to put our plan in order. The very last week of November was intense, as everything needed to be ready for our year-end promotion to start in December. Almost exhausting, yet not enough to demotivate us from pressing on to make it happen. And finally it happened…

Klinik Pergigian Fauziah launched its end of the year promotion on the 1st of December by offering rebates on our Zoom whitening treatment and composite resin veneers. Hurrah!

After Zoom whitening

Three days after the promotion commenced, Daniel walked in and became the first to enjoy the promotion. Daniel was a student in Australia who had just came back for his summer break. A very jovial young man with a tinge of nervousness but he knew what he wanted. He told me he wanted his teeth whitened and the gaps between his top front teeth closed.  Just his luck, he came to the right clinic and at the right time. We have a Zoom whitening and veneers promotion whereby Daniel was entitled to free scaling, a whitening pen and since he needed veneers on three teeth, he was entitled to two gift vouchers.

“Sounds pretty cool to me”, said Daniel.

It was a long appointment for Daniel as the whitening treatment took an hour and a half, followed by another hour for his veneers. He did not want to look in the mirror until everything was over. It was relief that when he did, he was happy with the outcome.

After veneers

For all you who are interested to know further about our Year End Promotion deals, please check out our facebook page Dentist Malaysia or call us!

A great opportunity for a makeover, ready for that end of the year gathering and the upcoming 2016!

~Dr Yana (

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