Smile into 2016: Dr Yana

Happy New Year to all KPF’s friends! May 2016 brings joy and happiness to everyone. KPF aims to give you our best to help you maintain your dental health and beautiful smiles always.
Here at KPF our Year-End promotion continues till the end of January 2016. And just before 2015 ended I had two more people who came to see me and enjoyed our promotion packages.
Redha came to the clinic with for a consultation. He wanted the gaps between his top front teeth to be closed. He saw the posts on KPF’s year-end promotion on our Instagram and decided to take this opportunity to have veneers done. However, he needed to know about the procedure as he was contemplating between having braces or veneers. We discussed the two options and as Redha was keener to have the gaps closed immediately for now hence, he chose to have the composite veneers. I assured Redha that if in the future he decided to have braces, the composite veneers could be easily removed without damaging his teeth.
For about an hour, Redha sat patiently in the dental chair while my dental nurse and I worked together to give Redha his new smile. And he was very happy when he looked in the mirror at the end of the treatment. “Feels weird but I’m happy!” he said. I reassured Redha that he would get used to the veneers and that he could come back if he feels uncomfortable and need them adjusted.

Noor was the other person who took up our promotion package. She was a very well dressed, pleasant lady who came in and requested to have her teeth whitened. She was not aware that we had the promotion and was pleased that she got to enjoy the free scaling, a whitening pen and a gift voucher that were included in the package.

We prepared Noor for Zoom whitening treatment and about more than hour later the yellowish areas of her teeth were now whitened. Her teeth appeared brighter and lustrous. She was pleased with the result. And because she needed other dental treatments, she had the privilege to use the gift voucher on herself.
In case if any of you are wondering about the whitish markings or patches on Noor’s teeth, it was not the effect of the whitening treatment. This is called Fluorosis, a condition whereby Noor’s teeth were exposed to excessive fluoride during the formation of the permanent teeth. This usually occurs at a younger age, approximately the first 7-8 years of life. Not something she should worry about.

Don’t miss out on our promotion packages. Contact us at our branches to find out more. Offer ends on the 31st January 2016.
Enhance your beautiful smile!

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